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shore freeway. as you approach the big bridge. and in san francisco a little windy out there. cameras bobbing around out there. do be aware if you are going eastbound on to the bay bridge there are three lanes that are shut down. all right here's a look at our maps we do have a traffic collision. this is at 19th avenue. we don't have much information on it at this point. it shouldn't be causing too many delays at this hour. let's head over to the desk. >>> this morning the city of oakland formerly launches a new campaign to fight crime. ktvu kraig debro tells us that the city's fruitvale district will be blanketed with crime cameras. >> reporter: that is right. six blocks on international boulevard will be covered. in april of this year a long- time resident of fruitvale was killed. later today they will announce a plan to prevent others from becoming victims. city leaders have approved the purchase of 30 surveillance cameras for fruitvale. they already have video surveillance cameras. the difference is some of the cameras will be placed inside businesses as well as outside. the momen
on that though. big fog bank out there. it's up and flying over the hills. temperatures in the 50s for almost everybody, except for the one loan outpost out there. and when you see a west, southwest at 26 miles per hour, i mean that's a sea breeze, gusts over 30 miles per hour at fair field. and sea breeze for everybody. everything is in place for another cool day. temperatures below average a little bit. and then we back off a little bit. low clouds, sun and breezy, but also drizzle, windy. 50s, 60s and 70s and maybe a few mid-80s, but temperatures held in check due to the fog bank and lower pressure on the west coast. looks like we will see a gradual, just slight warming trend. and it does look warm into the weekend, temperatures near normal. >> thank you. >>> nearly two dozen suspicious fires in north hollywood have investigators searching for an arsonists. take a look at that, at least 18 fires have burned apartment buildings, a motor home and several cars since thursday. all of the fires were set early in the morning. one woman left her home to look at a fire down the street and was shoc
to the willow pass grade. not a big problem here. and on interstate 880, right near 29th, they've been doing road work there. but the traffic is so light, not really causing a major problem. it's 4:30. back to the desk. >>> new this morning, an airline pilot attacked on a flight from miami that just landed hours ago in san francisco. we are at sfo this morning with what witnesses are saying about this incident and a new photo if the scene many miami. >> reporter: well, the plane coming in from miami arrived here a few hours ago. one passenger called this say mishap. in tend, two men were arrested. we have video this morning of the passengers arriving here. a few of those passengers were still talking about what delayed their arrival to san francisco. a spokesperson said flight 1755 was taxiing out for take-off when a disruptive passenger situation escalated, pushing the pilot to turn back to the gate. as crew members were leaving to refile paper work, the male passenger got into a scuffle with the pilot which led to four fellow passengers helping to subdue the rowdy passenger. the pilot was
last of four big cat walks is set to go into place. you may have noticed the other three as they are visible for drivers on the bay bridge. a fourth is expected to go up in the next couple of weeks. the cat walks are used by iron workers to build the new cable of the bridge. stringing the cable will take a year and the bridge is set to open in two years. >>> let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. hi sal. >> traffic is doing very well. we have road work out there that you should watch out for including 680 and contra costa county. and parts of 880 in oakland. first let's take a look at east shore freeway. you can see traffic is moving along nicely if you're driving out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems. we are looking at the commute as you head out to the mccarthur maze. also this mornings commute on interstate 880 the traffic is moving nicely in both directions. >>> and the morning dry will be okay in san jose with no major issues. we are off to a nice start in san jose. now let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sal. happy friday morning. clouds are moving in.
related incidence. >>> san jose no longer has a big fireworks show on the 4th of july, but some people put on their own illegal display. pretty big fireworks for illegal fireworks. this is what it looked like in a community last night. it's been a tradition every 4th of july to set off fireworks, but the law says anything that flies into the sky or explodes is illegal. now we talked to a retired fire captain who lived there. he fears it's a matter of time before something bad happens. >> you know it can happen in four or five or seven or ten minutes when you have a good wind and old structures. could take a block out. >> out there doing dumb stuff doing it with their families and parties they got going on. >> firefighters were out last night trying to educate people about the dangers of setting off fireworks themselves. the police chief was also out. he says they don't have the resources to crack down on the activity. >>> the east bay also saw its fair share of fireworks. our ktvu camera spotted this display from skyline road in oakland around 9:00 last night. oakland is another bay area c
's haze valley. ucsf psychiatrist on a university shuttle bus when it collided with a big rig last thursday morning at oak street and octavia boulevard. a viewing for friends and family will be held tonight at st. ago necessary catholic church. the funeral is tomorrow morning. ucsf will hold a funeral service thursday evening and the crash is still under investigation. >>> time is 4:34. casey anthony's whereabouts remain a closely guarded secret. but a plane that landed in the bay area is causing some speculation. our sister station in florida reports anthony is thought to be on board a corporate jet. a jet made four stops across the country before landing at the san carlos airport. one stop was in prescott, arizona, known for treatment facilities. the jet is owned by one of anthony's former lawyers. her case has inspired two measures in california that would punish parents who wait to report a child's death or disappearance. it took anthony more than a month to report her daughter was missing. under one bill parents or guardians with children under 14 could face charges after fail
bay area man while vacationing in hawaii. police say 22-year-old paul of sunny vale died on the big island of hawaii. they say he was climbing a seaside cliff on monday when a wave knocked him down. rescue crews found his body in the ocean about a hundred yards from shore. >>> on saturday 44-year-old david pots fell 20 feet down into a blowhole on the island of maui. his body was never recovered and a search has been called off. >>> a memorial service will be held in san francisco today for the only man confirmed dead after that tragic fishing trip in mexico. his body washed ashore after the fishing boat capsized and sank off the coast of baja, california, on july 3rd. the u.s. coast guard is no longer looking for the seven men still missing but their families say they will continue to push lawmakers to have the coast guard resume the search. >>> tonight a fundraiser will be held in san francisco to mark the 29th birthday of shane bower, one of the two uc berkeley graduates still imprisoned in iran. bower and josh have been in prison for nearly two years now. bower saffian say was r
in that general direction. as far as the propane tanks the one that firefighters had the most concern was the big tall white one. flames broke out around midnight between trucks which are parked in a lot in the middle of a hotel. people in the hotel and a row of houses that border the lot tell us to get out. luckily fire crews were able to protect the tanks. eight u-haul trucks were damaged and it was a tough fire to get to. >> the access was a definite difficulty for us. we had to stretch multiple two and a half inch lines probably 250-400 feet back there which is pretty long ways back in there for us. >> reporter: now there was a slight pop that you could actually hear from the gas tank exploding on one of the trucks. that is according to fire officials. all of the evacwees are safe and sound. we will hear from one man that faced an extra challenge. no one was hurt in the fire and investigators are still trying to determine exactly what caused it all. >>> san francisco police chief greg sur will hold a community meeting tonight in the city's bay view district. the chief will try to cool down th
pruning a vineyard on big ranch road when they started feeling sick. they brought the labels from chemicals used on neighboring vineyards the night before. other grape growers say the pesticides are commonly used in that area. >> we are in a quarantine area. we are trying to eradicate european grapevine moth. >> the agricultural commission says vineyards are supposed to report over pesticide used. >>> japan's power plants are set to under go stress test. it's in response to the march earthquake and tsunami. it has come under heavy criticism for its poor -- >>> we should find out where the 2018 winter olympic games will be held. the three cities bidding hewn i germany, and south korea. 'young change is considered the front runner. hewnic is trying to become the first city to host a winter and summer olympics and considered a long shot. >>> the perjury trial begins today for roger college mons. he's accused of lying to congress under oath. college mons extrainer claims he injected the record setting pitcher with steroids and human growth hormones. >>> back to sal for traffic. >> tra
through marin county or take public transit there is big problem with the golden gate transit ferry. let's go live to claudine wong to explain more why some commuters may be out of luck. claudine. >> reporter: sal, there is a strike officially under way. we are at the larks purr ferry terminal and these gates are down. they will all be closed today because of a one-day strike. the district made the decision yesterday after the union issued a press release start strike. ticket takers are striking for one day as they plan to replace those workers with ticket machines. word began to spread yesterday and people started making other plans. >> pride means i'm going to to stay home and make it work out tomorrow. >> reporter: the district told us they have been in association with the ticket takers union for month. the contract with its workers expired at midnight preponderate district says this -- >> the ticket machine is right there. bart runs an incredible system on bart ma means. we are not happy about that. we are not happy that is the direction we need to go. >> all right again no ferry se
a driving school student ran into the building. a big hole marks the spot on the building in roseville where the student crashed into the wall on monday. the dmv says the driver hit the gas instead of the brake. no one was injured. >>> a fiery crash claimed the life of a big rig driver. the accident happened yesterday afternoon on highway 237. the chp is looking into reports that the truck blew a tire. that may have caused it to hit the center divide and burst into flames. eastbound lanes remained closed for almost five hours while crews cleaned up the scene. >>> people complained that a bus stop the attracting crime. they say the three-sided shelter provides just enough cover for criminals to hide what they're doing. so there was a meeting held at the police station and announced that a plan to replace the shelter with one that has more open sides and has better lighting like the new shelters on market street. >> we have seen because it's better lit, it's better used by customers and deter a lot of negative activity. >> get rid of that shelter. >> nearly everyone agreed that they would rath
it collided with a big rig last week. we're learning this morning ucsf will add seat belts to its shuttles in the coming weeks as a result of that accident. it will also hold one on one meetings with drivers and create a how am i driving hot line. >>> this morning san francisco firefighters are still monitoring a home gutted by fire in the city's lower neighborhood. they were called last night between fill more and steiner. there are two flats in the building. the people who live in the top flat are on vacation in europe and they have not seen the damage. firefighters say this is a stubborn fire to put out because it was difficult getting access to the attic. no one was hurt and the cause is under investigation. >>> time now 4:39. it's still early. let's see how the roads are doing this morning with sal. hi, sal. >>> hello, claudine. things are doing well out there as you might imagine there is some road work to worry about if you are driving out of san francisco to oakland. but we're doing pretty well. go outside and take a look at the east shore freeway. that looks good coming to the mac
is big enough to do some major traffic damage in the area. in other words this is going to be bad thing for the morning commute. again, on the gut lou piniella parkway near the virginia exit there. so we have a crew on the way. right now it's very light because it's early and we don't have a lot of slow traffic but this will become a problem. we don't know exactly how bad it is but our crew is on the way and should be there in just a few moments and we'll let you know. we'll have live pictures as soon as they get there. 4:31 back to the desk. >>> three teenagers are in the hospital this morning following their terrifying ordeal on a secluded marin county beach. they were swept out into the frigid choppy waters off tennessee valley beach yesterday evening. the u.s. coast guard, the california highway patrol, federal park rangers and life guards all raced to the scene, but some good samaritans hiking in the headlands were the first to take action. they immediately came to the rescue after spotting a huge wave knock the two girls and boy into the water. >> we got down there and then the tw
wednesday will carry that in for big drop in temps. >>> time now 4:53. both bay area baseball teams will host fourth of july game this afternoon. the a's face the seattle mariners. the giants will play the padres at 205. there are four giants on the national league all star team. those people are -- that team includes first time selection ryan vogelsong. he played in japan in the minor leagues before getting called up. closer brian wilson will join vogelsong. lincecum. matt dane also named to the roster. this is cane's second all star selection. and then on the american league side pitcher gio gonzalez will represent the oakland a's. the 82nd major league baseball game is july 24th. >>> in just a few hours, san jose's own joey chestnut will try to win his fourth straight fourth of july hot dog eating contest. last year he chowed down 54 hot dogs in ten minutes. tonight's competition begins at 9:00 a.m. and this year there is a separate event for women. >>> hundreds of people will raise money in honor of a young child that died in his sleep. it is hailey's run for a reason. this is n
closure that will -- a full freeway closure that will be going on for another hour or so. this is a big deal obviously. but it's going to be closed. and they'll do this for the next four nights as they do major work here, including some of the overpasses in san jose. so you need to get on monray road. maybe by 5:00, we'll be in luck. but if you're going out to san jose, be aware of this and we're looking at interstate 80, that looks good. and we're off to a nice start in san francisco. but two lanes of the freeway closed eastbound bay bridge for road work. as soon as you get on the lower deck, you'll notice that traffic is light. there is no slow down yet. at 4:30, let's go back to the desk. >> we begin with a stunning new development in the brian stoa beating case. the los angeles police have arrested two new suspects for the brutal beating outside dodgers stadium. and paul chambers looks the events. >> reporter: we're here live at brian stoa remains. and there are major developments happening in this case. for months, please said they had the right man and now they're changing their t
. >>> the trucking company involved in the amtrak crash is now defending its safety record. a big rig driver for the john davis trucking company slammed into an amtrak train killing six people. the company says it's determined to find out why the driver ignored flashing lights and crossing gates. the trucking company said it was not at fault at two previous accidents cited in state safety records. >>> in less than three hours the space shuttle atlantis is scheduled to take off and the crew is walking out to the shuttle right now. i want to take you there live as we are watching the astronauts this morning. unfortunately, weather has been the biggest question though about this launch. 70% chance that the launch will be postponed. nasa is still planning for lift off at 8:26 our time. as you account see again we are looking live at kennedy space center as the astronauts board the shuttle that will take them over to the launch pad. nasa has not said when it will make a final decision on the launch. this is the final mission for a u.s. space shuttle. atlantis is scheduled to spend 12 days in spac
lawmakers are increasing the pressure on the search efforts and the potentially big move for the survivors today. >>> and it could be the end of the death penalty in california. the bill being considered in sacramento today. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. >>> well, good morning
that's kind of a big chore this morning. they said they would be open by about 5:00. so we'll see if they keep their schedule. looks like they may be adding more flares to this area. so they may not be quite done. let's go out and take a look at the golden gate bridge traffic. that looks pretty good heading down to the toll plaza. and if you are driving on the san mateo bridge, it's a nice drive to the high-rise to highway 101 and interstate 280. 4:54. let's go to steve. >>> sal, thank you. very good morning. well, you know last week it was hot. i mean it was hot. this week it's nice and cool. i got to be honest, the e-mails are much nicer. when it's not as hot. if you enjoy cool weather you'll love this week. maybe sign of warmer weather next week but not for a while here. fog, drizzle, cool and breezy. lots of drizzle. very cool this week. breezy to windy once the low clouds burn off and they should over the next couple days. not much left to support it but it's still there. warmer as we head into the weekend. not a lot. we're here for about five or seven days in this pattern. c
wednesday maybe thursday then eject out of here. started big time on sunday and continue today temperatures far below average as we get towards tuesday and wednesday. low clouds and sunny, breezy for some. local drizzle here. sunny but cooler inland. temperatures 50s 60s coast and bay and then 70s inland. still be some 80s but very, very low 80s especially lake county maybe towards vacaville. but cooling continues tuesday into wednesday. looks like we'll level out wednesday or thursday and then see warmer weather but nothing too extreme yet as when he had towards the weekend. >>> funeral services for former first lady betty ford begin tomorrow in southern california. the wife of the late president gerald ford died on friday at age 93. there will be a private visitation and funeral at the church in palm dessert tomorrow morning. the public can then pay their respects that evening. mrs. ford's body will then be flown to michigan where she'll be buried next to her husband. >>> smokers in iceland may soon need to call their doctor to get a prescription to buy a pack of cigarettes. a new bill wo
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